Already on its way for the third day of February is CTAFAD‘s upcoming release through Black Chrysalis Archives. From this EP, we selected Tommaso Nudo‘s remix of the track Dissociate, one of the two original creations on the list. During its six-and-a-half-minute course, there is an ever-present, clean tapping which, at first, encapsulates and decorates a mild, restrained groove. By maintaining its rhythmic consistency, the pounding supports its “allegiance” to the track’s nocturnal vibes. These, then, introduce themselves as the track’s main act, paving the road over fragments of lightly distorted noise. The firm bassline, which appears next, echoes to the far reaches of an alluring background atmosphere that comes and goes like sea waves on the shoreline. As for the closure, the pace slowly calms itself and walks away from the previous elemental dance.

Release Q&A

Would you like to share a few words about the inspiration and overall aesthetic of your upcoming EP on Black Chrysalis Archives? How do Dissociate and Iteration combine or rather complement each other?

These two music works were made in China in the first half of 2022. At that time, when Shanghai’s COVID-19 period was the most stringent government control, I lived in the city “Wuxi” near Shanghai. I couldn’t leave the city during the most complicated time. Couldn’t go to other cities for music gigs, so I figured I’d do something, and I started making new music. In three months, I made about a dozen demos, among which I chose Dissociate and Iteration. If we talk about inspiration, I think there are two directions: One is natural feeling, and the other is life experience, experience and technology. I usually first record the inspirations I feel in my life with “names”, and then I start to make “emotional sustenance” such as music methods. I think they are a portrait of my life during that time.

There are two different versions of Iteration. How do those two work? Do they complete each other or are they separate “entities”?

Iteration is almost an orderly process from darkness to light, where “order” is very important. The other version was produced by Subpneuma for me. He gave this piece a lot of life. I seem to see the “light” just mentioned.

What have you gained as a producer through the work you’ve put into this EP? How did you feel during its composition?

I started producing and publishing electronic music in 2000. At that time, I listened to all kinds of electronic music (including Techno), but I didn’t have the mood and technology to make it. In 2014, I started listening to Deep Techno. I started to know some new labels and musicians in Europe. In 2020, I produced the first album of CTAFAD. After that, I invited Claudio PRC, Blazej Malinowski, Laertes and IORI to make a Remix EP for this album. From here I made friends with musicians all over the world, and I felt like I was making music, expressing emotions, performing live, publishing music. The bigger gain is that I can communicate with musicians who share the same interests. This is the greatest joy in my music creation. The biggest feeling in the creation of this EP is to treat life with more energy during difficult times.

The track we’re premiering is the remixed version of Dissociate by Tommaso Nudo. How did you proceed to this collaboration and what are your thoughts on this take, having of course in mind the original mix?

When I was in contact with BCA, we talked about making Remix. I believe this is a standard way of cooperation in the “industrial process” of electronic music, and it is the best way of communication between musicians. In the Remix I made, I can see the ideas and artistic aesthetics of two people in one work. In the next stage, I want to break through the current me. Tirelessly.

Now that it is scheduled to be released, what makes you feel comfortable and happy about this EP and what are you looking forward to in 2023?

The negotiation and publishing plan of this EP are very natural and comfortable. After the music is completed, I also made a Music Video of two of the songs. I like a more three-dimensional expression. In 2023, I hope to make more energetic music.

The EP is going to be available via Black Chrysalis Archives Bandcamp and included in the “name your price” campaign of the label for the digital versions of the releases.