With a two-phase mix for MNMT 356, Pattrn delivers a rewarding in context and duration experience through sense-pleasing and rich sonic environments.


Brice Deloose is better known through his work as a producer under the alias of Pattrn. However, his activities are not limited to that, as you can find him in various places in the musical world. As an individual who devoted his life to this form of art, starting with the violin at the age of four and majoring in music composition and sound engineering later on, he is also an active promoter of Brussel’s underground and local artists and collectives. This role is assisted by him being a co-creator of FTRSND, Brussels By Night Federation, Initiate, and artistic director of Fuse club. Similarly to his compositions, the sets bear the result of years of technical and self-improvement focusing on an immersing and hypnotic soundscape. 

Taking a closer look at his contributions so far, one can see his general approach to handling each of his creations – whether a live set or a release – as a series of storytelling acts. Thus, based on those reasons and personal involvements, Pattrn’s work is not only in sync with modern currents but aims to exceed the borders of space and time with its ambiance and ever-evolving textures. And as a next step, a new project is on its way for a holistic centre of well-being in Marrakech. For this one, he’s not only designing its sonic identity but also has a crucial part of its general architecture for the rooms’ acoustics and sound installations. 

In addition to that, 2023 looks very bright for the producer. January will end with L’envers gig on the 28th in Marrakech, and the next month has two more stops. On February 10th in Poznań for Psylocibina, and on the 17th in the local ground of Brussels for Magnetic Flow. Once the gig schedule ends, new releases will follow as single tracks, remixes, or EPs. So far, in chronological order, the ones in line are the Lagoon track on February 18th in a split EP with Azidax on Indefinite Pitch and two additional remixes, one on March 10th for Aöcram and another on April 13th for MacGray. Next on the list are Cringe on a compilation of Liminal Space, Histoires d’eau, an ambient-focused EP on Cellar Door around May or June, a Sam Wilson remix on Codecast, and two more EPs on Indefinite Pitch in September and on Diffused Reality.


Pattrn’s MNMT 356 mix stretches out a bit longer than two hours. The oriental, atmospheric intro that consists of vocals, samples, and chants smoothly morphs into a windy, ethereal ambiance before passing the relay on the growing, beating pulse. While the deep patterns spread and establish their roots in the soundscape’s organic essence, the surroundings remain clear and light. Slow-burning halfway through its duration, new elements gradually emerge from his arsenal, such as mild breaks and sturdy kicks, which decorate a soulful background of vocal loops. By separating the selection into two phases, these elements, in turn, transform into a more playful, tempo-elevated habitat until the end. The mix is not only crafting a rich mood and atmosphere, but it’s like synching, or better, merging two worlds seemingly stranger at first. Pattrn masterfully generates a vast and sense-pleasing sonic environment making this journey an overall rewarding experience.

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