Embrace the formative experience of Space Drum Meditation’s 3-hour long podcast, progressing into an organized chaos of symmetrical rhythm in MNMT 351.

In deep spirit, Space Drum Meditation invokes trance through their unrelenting style, most often with a unique blend of thumping drums, dark resonance, and trancendent patterns. The Hamburg-based artists sound off their ceremonial flavor of techno, making waves in past releases, podcasts, and live performances – this time, bringing their insight to MNMT, featuring a lengthy 3-hour long experience to invoke.

For MNMT 351, Space Drum Meditation unifies a state between sound and mind. Listeners are methodically drawn through slow thumping kicks as trance-like sounds cover the inner consciousness. Cerebral elements spread through the beginning hour, offering intermittent deep drones and atmospheric pads. At each track, Space Drum Meditation reinforces a spiritually-minded journey.

The 3-hour podcast continues with novel surprises, adding touches of cosmic and synthetic sounds to change course. As masterfully mixed by Space Drum Meditation, listeners are comfortably leaned into the new arrangement of sound. By the end, the journey has turned speedy but still meditative, with hypnotic flavors sprinkled throughout.

Forthcoming, Space Drum Meditation will be performing live at Zur Klappe (Berlin) on 26 November for their SDM005 release party.