Asllan finishes the story that expanded in his EP trilogy on Oslated with the Citizen of the World release. The title track premiering here on Monument is a piece that the producer wanted not only to mean something to people but also used as a reflection on the tragedies that started with the pandemic. After many attempts on the track’s story, Asllan made a touching yet markedly energetic production. Its tribalistic rhythms are the means to conjoin the common cultural heritage of today’s world descendants. The fiery percussion patterns feel like a heavy, deep pounding that comes from the depths of the caves used for a long-forgotten primitive ritual. By designing a natural soundscape, the airy atmosphere provokes the dancing of the bells, as they frequently chime before passing the relay on warm pads. The tempo divides into phases under the wild drumming and, for a few times, depicting a focal point similar to a rite of passage. Indeed, a universal production that focuses on the collective memory and extends the thread of today’s sounds to the start of it all.

Release Q&A

What was the idea behind this release and how did you approach the whole composition? 

The Idea was I wanted show some different style of Asllan’s sound than before. I wanted to prove that Asllan’s tracks are reliable to play for DJs related the scene we are belonging. For me, this is very very important as I am a music producer. Approaching for whole composition. I try to work minimally as much as I can. By following an advice from my teacher longtime ago. He said “There should be no sound without any reason in your work”.

The premiere track is Citizen of the World. What made you choose this title and how it connects aesthetically with its production and sound? 

Citizen of the World. The reason why I choose this name for title is because all the things since Corona started. All the tragedy even now happening in our World. I’ve watched and you watched too. I thought this name, Citizen of the World, could mean something to people as a title name. To make connection between this idea & sound, I tried to mix many sounds from different cultures background as much I can. I wanted to make Multi-Cultural Primitive feelings. It sounds like weird and stupid at the beginning. Lot of fails after but finally I made something I like.

How would you describe your creative process for this track and the EP in general? Anything about the “path” you followed? 

I work like a Writer. I learn this way because of inspired from Korean Webtoon and Japanese Manga culture. It’s like how they prepare for create a story. So if I need for story I study, research, think and if possible I visit museum or exhibition. For this album I visited to a exhibition Aztec culture in Seoul, Korea. Sometimes Seeing is helping a lot more than just imagining in my case. It helps me a lot to prevent wasting time in producing work.

Is there something that makes this release special to you? Regarding the tools you used, the  time it is released etc. 

This album is the Final chapter of the whole story of previous EPs from Oslated. Liberty & Death (2020), Sad Legend (2021) and now it becoming Citizen of the World (2022). While I work for past three years. It wasn’t easy all the time while I have to do another working at job. It is special that I could work with Oslated finally we made it.

Would you like to share any personal future plans? What should we expect next? 

First of all, I had many helps from friends, producers participated for Remix those three albums. I wish I can help back if they need me. I just started developing Live Set. I hope I can make it work in next year. Beside I will think about what I want to make another album. Also I wish I can give help for find new talents with Oslated by Jongmin’s choice. Thank you very much Stavros Perivolaris & MNMT team for discovering Asllan.

The EP will be available on Oslated Bandcamp.