Fabrizio Lapiana delivers a sharp mix of feverish, sonic mesmerism for MNMT 349, shaping a piercing selection of distorted, crispy arrangements.

Fabrizio is an enduring figure in Italian and worldwide techno circles. He is an avid vinyl collector and a DJ that started his career in the early 90s from local venues. Production, though, came a bit later for him in 2008. This year he founded his label Attic Music and released his debut EP. Although being an initiative for releasing personal material, it quickly expanded and hosted other similar, like-minded techno producers. Despite having most of his releases in Attic Music’s catalogue, he has also contributed to other labels such as ARTS, M_REC Ltd, and Figure Jams. His composition approach leans to dark and hypnotic environments with flavours of melodic elements. Considering the previous, as a DJ he adds deep and rough set-ups. Whether blended with old-school or acid parts, he is certainly creating a very engaging flow. Following his latest EP, Cantamen, he prepares another EP on Attic Music that includes a remix from Orbe.

Eight years since the last mix on Monument, Fabrizio delivers a highly depicting selection of where he stands currently. Already popular for his dark soundscapes, he carves high-pitched and warping loops into a daedalic sculpture of distorted, crispy arrangements. Patching the remaining gaps with shredding basslines and pumped-up percussion, he stylishly entraps the audience in a feverish, sonic mesmerism. The crust that is slowly taking form, transition after transition, leaves treads on its surface that are only befitting to the coming and going of distinctively crunchy cuts. Very sharp on its edges, the mix welcomes the unsettling visit of revolving bleeps, which shape in turn an even more piercing character to the whole setting. This more than an hour-long tribute unleashes waves of agitated loops that are skillfully tamed in the way Fabrizio is well-known for.

SC: https://soundcloud.com/fabrizio-lapiana
IG: https://www.instagram.com/fabrizio.lapiana/
Attic Music: http://www.atticmusic.it/