Capitalizing on the energy emanating from the vibrant, deep techno fields, Joachim Spieth delivers for MNMT 348 a densely-packed, highly engaging mix almost a week after Terrain, his latest full-length release on Affin.

Running a career of over twenty years, Joachim Spieth is a respected, prominent, and impactful figure in the techno scene. DJ, producer, and Affin’s owner since 2007, he counts numerous productions and performances and still spreads his signature sound. His passion for the genre and his well-put sound design make an unmistakable and delightful combination, ever-present in his material. More importantly, though, through albums like Irradiance, Tides, Textures sound libraries, Ousia – the Greek word used to resemble essence, being, or substance – and the recent one called Terrain.

During the label’s fifteenth anniversary, Terrain has a symbolic message slumbering in its core. Longing to be discovered by its sound, this album meddles with the subject of human behaviour and coexistence with nature. Moreover, it refers to Spieth’s overall work and sound practice, as he continuously conjures organic soundscapes, layers, textures, and patterns. By having this approach, the producer maintains a deep intimacy with nature that is still well-reflected in his sonic offerings.

The roots of this creation spread between eight tracks in total, tending to the seeds planted in Ousia. While listening to these compositions, one can find themselves syncing with their inner consciousness and going, almost meditational-like, through an unexpected emotional relief. The sequences that bounce between warm structures, void-resembling ambient, and liquidated terrains elevate mind and body awareness for those focused, as they gracefully captivate and engage us wholly. In its essence, this is one of his most intimate material: breaking boundaries and forming connections from one being to another. Sensible yet colourful due to its variety, Terrain acts as a thread that balances, on one end, the need to connect with nature while, on the other, aims to guide far beyond the stars.

Now proven more than enough with the previous concept, Affin is a label that is steadily polishing its character. There, one can find numerous releases of the most refined and authentic deep, hypnotic techno and ambient material. Far away from restrictions, commercial conventions, and industry practices, it is a highly-acclaimed and worldwide-ranged platform of inspiration. A place where each release forms a pure and beautiful concept. Based on the previous, Spieth’s mix connects those dots and provides a significant link between the label’s character and his signature sound.

Here, in this selection, the artist capitalizes on the energy that emanates from the walls of vibrant, deep techno fields. Swarmed with radiating and dense environments, the transitions keep quality and smoothness at the peak level. While we actively participate in this gradually enhanced atmosphere, we face the obscure, shivering currents emitting from this circulating, hypnotic mist. As we, then, cruise on its natural flow, the interaction with these deeply mental and clean, sonic pulsations leaves a taste that is as gratifying as adventurous.

Joachim Spieth: