This year’s Monument festival was another good vintage, to say the least. You know, when everything perfectly aligns. The music, the people, the location and the vibe, all coming in perfect harmony. While the utter feelings that remain from these magical moments are now only part of our memories, there is luckily something that could literally be recorded. So we have something to drive our memories back to these moments. This something being of course the music, we are glad to share the first set recorded at Monument Festival 2022, by none else than Tikita affiliates Dorisburg & Efraim Kent.

Despite producing and releasing music together for many years, the two longtime friends surprisingly never got to share the booth for a proper techno set. For the grand premiere, they decided to make no compromise and brought both a modular synthesiser, hardware gears and carefully selected tracks, for an extended 3 hours hybrid jam. The result of this impressive session showcases perfectly the signature sound of the duo, that combines complex modular layers with deep grooves and tribal drums.

The waitlist for next year’s festival is open, and you can join it here.