Curious and broad-minded, following his refined vision of orbital techno, Pfirter offers a trip through the sonic obscurity of the cosmos with an exceptionally innervating set for the next addition to MNMT Recordings series.

An enduring figure in the techno scene with his own depiction of dark and uplifting soundscapes, Pfirter stretches his impactful presence over those fifteen active years. Whether as DJ, producer, or label owner, he finds ways to express his creativity while applying his magic over crude surfaces -close to the genre’s founding principles. He has been working since the early days amongst acclaimed labels, names, festivals, and venues, such as Berghain, Tresor, Awakenings, and Time Warp. In 2005 his first European tour was a critical standpoint for him, as this was the spark to develop his sound. A process that goes on ever since with a sound that combines organic, hypnotic motifs complemented by sub-bass drives and sturdy kicks. Additionally, a year after this European tour, he created MindTrip, a label that approaches with clarity and consistency the multifaceted techno scenery.

MindTrip, however, does not only serve as a carrier of releases by himself, like-minded friends, and collaborators but also has a monthly podcast series. These series showcase and uphold the essence of the label over hourly mixes. Counting over fifty releases in its catalogue, in 2019 Pfirter added The Empty Space as a highlighting work of his sonic spectrum. Then the Altered States followed, heightening the level from which he oversees his multi-textured compositions while maintaining the club-oriented mentality and expression. In addition, MindTrip’s next release will come out this October, featuring Pfirter third collaborative release with Oliver Rosemann. Last year Pfirter also launched Paralelo Rec. A platform designed for a limited number of his releases having in common their creation under similar circumstances, an additional batch of whi towards the end of this year is in plans. Through this depth and activity, he invites us to indulge in a live recorded set a few days ago in Buenos Aires’ Culto.

During its one-and-a-half hour duration, we vibe naturally along its haunting tones. The kind of which enrich the dynamic pluralism of its vastly ranged selection, ultimately making us defy our surroundings and heavily engage in a spectacular zoned-out plane. Diving in its unfathomed embrace, we feel the wave of a fluttering beat that acts as a carrier to pounding kicks and cycloning bleeps. The sensation of this constant mental tremor is in such an elegant manner, making it almost unnatural to resist its hypnotic grab. Moreover, those thrill-seeking atmospheres unveil an overall tasteful scenery even in the first transitions, without taking out the excitement and the curiosity of the mix’s progression. Consistent with its nature in its entirety, Pfirter makes his aim clear by setting an example of how subconscious sonic dives can be used as uplifting stimuli, engraving subtle yet impactful clubbing fluctuations.

Paralelo Rec: