A well-known rising techno force from Poland with only a few years on her back, Aksamit delivers her recorded set straight from the long-lasting Audioriver Festival for the next part of MNMT Recordings.

Vinyl sound and selection is what this Wrocław-based artist prefers, steadily and confidently building a name of her own in stages and venues across Europe. Her long-lasting relationship with this format earned her an early reputation and, most importantly, a collection that is growing amongst deep and hypnotic tunes. A combination in which she’s feeling so comfortable setting up her own vibrant universe, characterized by its freshness, unpredictability and energy. Regarding her presence in the scene, she has a residency in her hometown’s Ciało venue and Berlin’s Art Bei Ton. She’s also a founder of the Affekt agency, the Velvet Vortex event series and a teacher at the Instytut Dźwięku, Warsaw’s school of modern music. Last but not least, she is a proud owner of the Discovery of the Year 2018 Polish club stage award, and ever since she has been storming the venues and festivals of her country. One of which is the three days long Audioriver festival.

For half a decade, Audioriver has been taking place in the old riverside town of Płock. A beautiful location surrounded by nature is filled with life as the event attracts many clubbers with its quality, both in the environment and music. The main part is on a beach on Vistula River in the shadow of Tumskie Hill, where eight stages simultaneously “shake” the environment. Since 2014, on the final day, the event has been taking place in a park between Mostowa and Rybaki Street. A location lavish with nature, colours, and decorations. There is also an activity center in Old Market Square, the main venue for the Audioriver Music Fair, with free concerts. Lastly, a music conference is also a part of the festival, involving discussions and lectures about aspects of the industry such as marketing, artist management, event and festival organization, and promotion. In this year’s edition, though, Aksamit was a key figure in the artist roster.

What’s really captivating about her set is the fluidity, maturity, and textural richness. Invoking invigorating and vibrating patterns, she provides a highly engaging sonic experience. The sequence is blooming with sounds filled with absorbing energy and stemming from the tribal -in a sense- spectrum. Yet, the playful, impactful setting is handled so delicately by Aksamit to keep the dancing pressure on and the mood high in a straightforward manner. The changing of tones, tempos, and atmosphere induces a sense of completeness in the listener while showcasing a delightful versatility from her on the decks. Her gracious transitions and audience awareness are a combination capable of stepping up her selection and something that is making Aksamit an artist to keep an eye on.

SC: https://soundcloud.com/alicja-aksamit
FB: www.facebook.com/aksamit.affekt
IG: www.instagram.com/alicjaaksamit/
RA: www.residentadvisor.net/dj/aksamit