Planetary ambience reverberates through the impenetrable stillness together with hypnotic pulsations and unsettling, roaming sounds to form an unearthly symphony delivered by Abstract Division for MNMT 343.

Decades of experience, commitment and hard work in the scene, built on a high-level personal collaboration, have made Paul Boex and Dave Miller a vital part of electronic music. Whether releasing quality compositions as producers or managing the acclaimed label Dynamic Reflection or, even, hosting DECODE event series in Rotterdam, they have left a powerful trace to both audience and their fellow producers. Over those years, their constant involvement in all those different parts shaped their vision and creativity into a signature sound that elegantly bridges a 90’s essence and glimpses from the future. Honing their skills in subtlety release by release, they are finally, in full confidence, releasing their first full-length album.

Midnight Ensemble, as the album is called, consists of twelve “acts” or “states” in total. A proper sign, one might say, of extensive work and focus. Its context is an ode to the clubbing nightlife and, for that, the opening and closing of the release, in their atmospheric greatness, encircle this nocturnal adventure. Their ever-evolving style is characterizing this eclectic, musical journey with its unpredictable vibe and design based on different styles and approaches. In a full hour duration, the album provides vivid images of one’s own relevant experiences in the dark embrace among dancing strangers, making each of the tracks resonate well within our hearts and minds. Thanks to the change of tempos, the diversity, the shadowy presence of mood-setting pads and the refreshing follow-ups that Abstract Division so delicately features, those thought-provoking mental sequences have the ability to motivate our full participation in an uplifting manner. This storytelling album, consisting of those all-nighter clubbing elements, is a proper example of the duo’s compositional prowess that is so aesthetically pleasing and deeply moving.

The principles that have been shaped and gathered along their long way have been put to good use as Paul and Dave deliver an outstandingly immersive mix. Starting with a calming, harmonious ambience involving sounds reminiscing of nature, the scenery that unfolds is padded with bubbling drones. An unsettling chirping guides the descent to the sonic depths when the welcoming pounding begins. The multi formed, hypnotic vibrations are ever-present and used as a transition from the disturbed wobbling, while the spectral atmosphere enchantically hovers over the controlled pace of the percussion. Once the stage is set, the dynamically-driven sound core unveils itself and pulls out our -so far- entrapped into the unknown consciousness. Putting our senses and spirit on steady ground, the rhythmic bouncing and the cosmic textures graces us with an otherworldly delight. The track selection as it storms the speakers, undoubtedly, sparks the curiosity of what might follow next. Diverse elements compete, just as their album indicates in its own fashion. This mental trip, enriched by clean, hypnotic passages is capable of putting our imagination gears in motion and we, in turn, can experience this mix as another storytelling act.

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