On the release date of his new EP, John Plaza invites us in a sense-engaging exploration mix for MNMT 342 consisting of his original and remixed material, several days after the premiere for one of the five upcoming tracks.

As a producer he has been active already for three years with his own compositions, although his affection for electronic music started a couple of years earlier. What can be described about his style is that it focuses around hypnotic, ambient and minimal tunes – a perfect mixture for a mental drive through a psychic forest of emotions. He managed to appear on different labels so far, where additional elements can be found in his creations. Sometimes more vibrant, sometimes even more textured, but always sticking to his deep sound core. Investing in a rather tangible type of production, well closed within an energetic crust, he provides his own eerie theme for a voyage into the vastness of an unknown, musical universe.

This day, though, is marked by his Aerodynamic EP release on Fernie’s Space Textures label. Suffice to say that the title is remarkably spot on, as it can be concluded after repetitive listenings. Aero stands for a sense of comfort, purity, levitation and freedom as the generated sonic environment expands further on. An unprovoking and balanced combination with its dynamic percussion and bass lines, accompanied with heavy kicks, covers the second part of the release’s title in perfect harmony. This combination is what definitely makes those four original tracks so vivid, whereas the experience of listening to them is feeling so pleasant and rewarding. Last but not least, it is of no surprise that Svarog took care of remixing the title track. His work provides a natural, down to earth spirit to it, whilst John had a more ethereal touch, making a delightful contrast of scenery. Something like a pair of observers on different planes, not fully aware that they are looking at each other.

The mix that comes along on this special day is, mainly, characterized by soothing and comforting tunes. A wide welcoming embrace luring us with its mystical whispers, maintaining a tight connection with John Plaza’s favourite hypnotic approach. Employing a slow “burn” gradient, supplemented graciously by gentle pads and an ever-flowing, consistent beat, there’s a significant emphasis on crunchy echoes, impactful bass and sudden, short-term grooves. These multi-layered selections are what make the mix so captivating: A wave of perfectly balanced and diverse additions. As a matter of fact it consists of producer’s released and unreleased tracks and a few remixes, therefore making it the most appropriate example of his musical word and perception around it.

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