Straight from the first edition of Third Eye Festival comes Valentin Ginies to deliver a special, mesmerizing mix for our MNMT recordings series, full of crunchy, enchanting beats and an invigorating tempo that lets ourselves immerse in a quest for inner restoration.

Valentin showed an early interest in music, starting with piano and drums and ending with hardware and experience on decks at the age of 16. His newly found “purpose” led him to create 11001 Records in Berlin, a label focusing on techno, ambient and experimental sounds and the place where you can find his signature releases. In addition to that, he co-runs the Teufelsberg Domecast. This podcast also “moves” along the lines of ambient and experimental genre, but it mainly presents live performances in the Dots Gallery. Specifically, its characteristic is that a unique sound installation is used in order to make the most of the dome’s natural reverb acoustic. Moreover, he is the one person behind the live techno duo Metaphysical Unit through which they dive into deep, rhythmic and trippy techno. 

Two and a half hours of a ravishingly dynamic and mentally uplifting setting is what awaits us once we press play and let ourselves get carried away by Valentin’s selections. A core that consists of chanting beats that provoke us to participate in a dream-like state, tightening the bonds between our perception and reality. This well combined sound variety flows naturally and extensively, enabling our bodies and souls to capture and express every tiny moment as one. In each selection, vast soundscapes are woven masterfully over a sea of deeper, unknown emotions for a powerful incantation. One that has, in a sense, the power to melt the borders of the mind. Carefully positioned bleeps intersect with roaring bass lines and blazing percussion patterns that, despite their energetic appearance, intensify the meditative character of this recording. The whole nature of it leaves, also, enough space to glazed melodies and touching atmospheres for a subtle effect on our ever-expanding world of awareness. Through it, Valentin manages to show us a delicate use of music as a remedy that can also remain highly intriguing, vast and of course fulfilling.

Third Eye Festival took place earlier this year in Berlin as a mission that aims to set people on the path of healing through art. A path where the interconnection between music, painting, yoga and meditation is an effective, but also a successful combination to achieve inner balance. The festival provided the necessary space and tools to spark creativity among the attendees so they can restore themselves, which is considered as a first step to heal, in extent, their surroundings. Moreover, this initiative created a safe space for those that experience mental health issues, as a newly found place of freedom, connectivity and trust. Not only to share their personal experiences, but even overcome their struggles. 

Following a three days plan, the activities started with a collective painting that would be used for the dance floor and ambient music selections from DJs and live performances. The next day began with an ambient yoga session and on the third and final day, there was a Sound Bath Gong Meditation, as it was called, that eventually “evolved” into a special deep techno display. This genre’s powerful impact in mind, body and soul, along with the activities that took place, was used as a way for an individual level reconnection with their inner creative being, seen through the curious eyes of the self.

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