Dynamic and unfettered, Falling Echoes constructs an immersive set of driving loops and hypnotic themes for MNMT 340.

Active for 10 years, Falling Echoes has been heard under a variety of aliases – though, since 2019 has pursued a drive in the deep, hypnotic realm of techno’s corner. Aimed at driving the dance floor through hypnotic rhythm, Falling Echoes tracks were quickly picked up by acclaimed labels such as Illegal Alien, Dynamic Reflection, AWRY, Planet Rhythm, and Olympian. The France-based artist discovered an international audience through his releases and live performances.

For MNMT 340, Falling Echoes transposes a dynamic set ripe for a lively venue or immersive home experience. Stored of driving loops to layer, and textural accents to compliment, the hour layers upon itself with each track. Leveraging the best of obscure sounds and forward-thinking patterns, Falling Echoes includes some real gems in this one!

Forthcoming, Falling Echoes will play live at the following venues:

5 August – Lisbon, Portgula @ Nada Temple,

3 September – Rotterdam, The Netherlands @ TBA

14 October – Lyon, France @ Terminal

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