Showing tremendous love for the modular output and his glorious cables, Ribé embarks on a very special sonic journey with ten original tracks for his latest LP. Choosing the best his tech has to offer, he delves into a more sophisticated side of modular arrangements, that serves his techno art just right. Consequently, these compositions are a perfect example of his inspirations and the result of years of hard work and experimentation. As they blend naturally in a high level production mixture, the producer is justifiably called as a “modular maestro”. His expanding soundscapes and the hardening of sounds ultimately led to this moment, where he manages to fully join the unique group of talents in PoleGroup’s roster. In total, Las Noches filters those unlimited sound generating possibilities into a carefully selected flow, delivering a no-rules, sharp collection.

Without delay, Las Noches storms in with dominating bleeps crawling up from the subconscious and waving over the pounding kicks for a subtle attack on our thought-provoking reflexes. Moving forward to Grandes Valles we face some textured, backside thrusts firing up the engines, “dropping” twice during its duration for a rewarding in mood elevation. Moreover, this track vigorously employs some hunting drum patterns to keep our pulse in a state of alertness. Anomalía takes over and capitalizes on massive pumps, as a thunder on our chests. Halfway through, a distorted atmosphere sets the tone for the following groove, balancing the strangely challenging bpm dizziness. Afterwards, Melancolía eloquently weaves broken patterns over revolving percussion causing spiraling, spine-tingling vibrations to an almost maximum level. In the middle, as a fifth track we have Diverso. One that inserts tempting bleeps for a proper out-of-time-and-space experience, as they hover disturbingly on recurring, transportive kicks.

Keeping up the pace, Elipsis encapsulates the richness of free flow drumming over scratching noises. As a result, those sparkling frequencies that appear consume the expanding heat radiating from the track. It would also be fair to say that it is a low profile showcase of rhythmically balanced kick dynamics. Súcubo enters Ribé’s realm on a mission to blow some steam off in a soothing, rather welcoming, transmission supplemented by hard kicks. Restraining further the surrounding energy, only to alleviate the stretched feeling of our challenged essence. Courageous, on dirty gears, Eje stands out as a meditative exploration of industrial sounds, bringing forth intriguing warehouse vibes. One track before the album’s closing, Diagnóstico absorbs the power of the machines to push technical limits with its rough, edgy stone-drilling frequency. Finally, heavy on its mood, Panacea gathers booming and blooming elements to engrave the album’s mark on the most demanding surfaces.

Ribé’s Las Noches is available in digital format and double vinyl from PoleGroup’s Bandcamp.