Aleja Sanchez and Reggy van Oers join their creative forces for MNMT 338 to deliver a full hour of mystified bliss in their first ever co-curated mix, following Raices, the latest release of Northallsen Records.

This compilation EP, where their craft is combined with compositions from Oscar Mulero and Deepbass, thoroughly accumulates the primordial energy of Earth-like sounds, drones and atmospheres. With a clear vision on their new, sonic adventure, they employ the most genuine elements to set us on a course for a smooth transcendence to indescribable spiritual realms, aiming for a tighter and a deeper level connection. The warm, yet soothing at times loops, entwine in the beginning, almost like out of the blue, to calm down even the most worried of minds only to fall, after halfway through the release, into more dynamic patterns. Closure is then achieved by summoning surrounding orbs of “disturbance” embraced by delicate melodic touches, which ultimately induce a mesmerizing state of graceful “slumber”. Step by step, the EP’s expansive core silently establishes its very essence in our subconscious. There, in a place where it can finally manifest a magnetizing and profound pulsing, we in turn find solace, tranquility and emotional stability. 

Aleja and Reggy, with a dedication to electronic music that spans over a decade and a half, deploy their side-by-side artistic visions into one single mix. While Aleja shows a preference to a more natural-like, deeper and hypnotic experimentation with an eerie touch of warm, melancholic low keys, self-taught Reggy depends on the minimalism and goes into a more theatrical-oriented sound patterns, which are not straying far from his characteristic, philosophical terrain. The expanse of those two artists’ reach arcs not only to one and two full length albums, respectively, but also through countless singles and EPs. Equally important is that both are running their own labels with Reggy on Telemorph and Aleja on Northallsen Records, the latter of which also hosts a collaborative EP between those two, entitled as El Tiempo del Sueño. Being no strangers to working together, the mix they have worked upon showcases not only a chemistry in sound, but also a natural-as-a-flowing-river mental co-existence.

As for the mix itself, it’s starting off with a dreamy-like sequence with the most ethereal sounds, the tempo is slowly building up and carries us on currents of a welcoming, atmospheric breeze. An almost shamanistic transition follows, moving us deeper into the mysterious soundscape that is generated as we keep on listening. The textures, stripped of all unnecessary complexity, produce a rather comforting set of frequency waves that provides the foundation on which the energetic, yet deep and precise at times, pace guides us through. Heavy kicks and grainy noise sparks are also invoked, solidifying further the otherworldly character of this creation. Clearly, one might easily distinguish how this is sculpted throughout the mix by noticing all those parts that are carefully stitched with a subtle, nocturnal ambience and further blended together with additional tones which are as graceful as haunting. Considering all of the above and their sonic eclecticism, those two artists offer a smooth, imaginative experience that should definitely not be missed.

Raices is available for purchase in digital format by Northallsen Records Bandcamp.

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