Amotik drills into a thought-provoking hour with breaks, atmospherics, and hypnotizing layers.

Berlin-based and long inspired, Amotik has worked extensively to fine tune his craft. Amotik’s catalog dating from 2015 depicts an evolution of varying sounds ranging from complex and unsuspecting detail to creative twists on conventional design. With an emphasis in the hypnotic and atmospheric spectrum, Amotik creates a personal touch through breaks, raw undertones, and relentless patterns .

In the past, Amotik has been heard through labels such as 47, BPitch Control, Figure, and his own imprint – AMOTIK. In March he released “Patanjali,” an LP focused on his hybrid and distinct sound of broken beats, textured soundscapes, and techno foundation.  His live performances have been experienced in some of techno’s most acclaimed venues – Berghain, Fabric, Fuse, The Block, Rex Club, and Awakenings.

In MNMT 337, Amotik delivers a taste of his immersive sound for the duration. Jumping off with weightless ambiance, the mix slowly turns into tactile sensations with tangible soundscapes. As Amotik builds, listeners are swept through soft breaks, IDM undertones, and thought-provoking electronica. The entirety is a fresh mix of creative utility!

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