Balancing electric grooves and textural patterns, Mordio builds synergy for a warped ride through MNMT 336.

Dedicated to art with a deep soul for creation, Mordio is a mentor to some and idealist for many in hypnotic techno’s sphere. The Berlin-based artist shares his knowledge and craft through multiple mediums – whether it be Youtube tutorials, Virtual Reality Club projects, or forward-thinking music production. Mordio’s contagious curiosity brings experimental concepts and sounds to the surface.

Ambient to deep, cosmic to aquatic– Mordio’s exploration of sound alters as his equipment does; rocking an extensive modular setup. His improvisation is oftentimes blended with layers of complex atmospheres and shaped to cut through soundscapes – each a surprise, but always pleasant. Mordio’s past releases may be heard from the IO collective, Øbskure, Subkultur, and Metaphor Records.

For MNMT 336, Mordio opens up to ambiance and atmospheres followed by sharp spikes of electric grooves and deep backdrops of textural patterns. Fluctuating between the differing sounds, a twisted ride immerses the listener. Fall in deep and explore each underpass!

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