We are well into the summer already, and Monument is here again with premiere recaps article. We are taking a moment to look back at all those beautiful tracks we featured during past month and enjoy them once again.

Please find below the list of great new music we premiered in the month of May 2022 – all carefully selected specially for you.

Tangram & Stikdorn – Varo [TSP]

Javier Salazar – Kandahar [RDG Tribe]

Joachim Spieth & Cauê – Alpha [AFFIN]

Human Space Machine – Substance [SoHaSo]

Lewis Fautzi – Symptomatic [Faut Section]

Gilmer Galibard – Novaturient [Gilmer Galibard Records]

Aöcram – Perpetual Movement [Aöcram]

Voiski – Hazy Suns [Delsin Records]

Aspetuck – Slow Rotator [Aspetuck]

Mystic AM – Thus Spoke Zarathustra/The Djinn [Astral Industries]

Rotkeller – Tetra4 (Kangding Ray Remix) [Thrénes Records]

Subpneuma – Droma [Black Chrysalis Archives]

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Featured image creds: Alexander Lopatnev – Wild.Forest.Residents gallery: