Dense, gravitational, and mixed with warm frequency, Cauê deepens the auditory surface of MNMT 335.

Originally from Brazil, Cauê began his journey among the underground clubs and obscure after-parties – Djing at each opportunity. From this foundation, Cauê eventually moved to London, building upon a relentless passion for vinyl and further taking a leap into the world of production. Featured on imprints such as Affin, Circular, and KVLTO, Cauê’s distinct sound has taken shape over the years, intoxicating listeners through hypnotizing rhythm and cerebral loops.

For MNMT 335, Cauê transposes the deep and atmospheric sound, bouncing between weightless movements of higher frequency and dense undertones of kick drums and drones. The hour duration takes listeners through a dichotomy of warm environments and cold backdrops, directing listeners to explore each tactile element. As the journey jumps from slower, methodical energy to pressurized, higher levels, the mix concludes by softly dropping off with appropriate atmosphere.

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