Sensual atmospheres, deep undertones, and tactile rhythm – ina kacz plays with a palette of sounds to construct an immersive experience for MNMT 334.

Based in Berlin, Ina Kaczmarczyk, aka ina kacz, is known to be sharp – yet fluid – in her immersive DJ sets. The French/Polish artist experiments between the lines of deep and hypnotic techno, to dub, breaks, and electro. With an extensive collection of hidden gems and alert mixing technique, ina kacz makes each set deeply personal, showcasing blends of unsuspecting sounds throughout her mixes.

Heard live, ina kacz translates her sound to Berlin’s acclaimed venues – most recently in Else and Tresor, with a past history as a resident of Art Bei Ton. Ina’s dynamic sets have been equally as praised internationally, exporting her sound to France, Georgia, Portugal, Poland, and Colombia. In July, ina will be performing at Hors Sol Festival in France.

In production, ina has been sculpting her craft – releasing her first ambient live project.

For MNMT 334, ina kacz pulls from her collection of deep sounds, creating a personal portrait of craft. Ever evolving, the mix touches multiple corners of techno, encompassing listeners for an immersive viewing. Enjoy!

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