For Episode 333 of our podcast series, we welcome a gem of an artist hailing from Rome, Italy who goes by “Craft”.

Craft has been in the Techno scene for over 2 decades, carrying inspiration from some iconic pioneers such as Dino Sabatini and Giorgio Gigli, but equally inspired by some fantastic younger producers like Feral and Luigi Tozzi. In these 2 decades, he has gained a level of respect from fellow Italian friends like Claudio PRC, Wrong Assessment, Viels, Ness, and many more. 

During Summers, Craft spends a lot of time collaborating with similar artists as himself. Born and raised in NYC and having ties in his home country, he has befriended and performed with artists like !nertia, Deepbass, Reggy Van Oers, Aleja Sanchez, Mary Yuzovskaya, Dario Duegra and many more. 

Craft’s journey performing as a DJ started around 1994 and in 2011 he started performing in Detroit, thanks to pioneer promoter Veronica Sylvester and producers Dru Ruiz, Asher Perkins, Dj Seoul, Augustus Williams, Otodojo and others I call family in Techno City, Detroit. At the moment while living in Brooklyn, extended weekend studio sessions take place with best friends Chanski and Acid Whore (live analog duo aka TimAdri). These productions are planned to release later this year.

Craft believes in Human connection, passion, vision and true belief in each other’s work learning from every single artist mentioned as well as countless others. Having released on over 50+ labels of all levels, it is a blessing that he has a hand over a span of different facets of the techno genre since 1999. This Summer, you can catch a Craft performance at the “2Nature” festival near Salnero, Italy on July 30th, as well as the “Fonografia” event during the Milan Design Weekender.

Having not released a podcast for about a year due to Covid, this is a very special mix. There is a full track-list included, and the first Ambient recording was produced in support for Ukraine in regards to the invasion. Also, the last track is an unreleased Ambient recording that will be released later this year on Reggy Van Oers’ label: Telemorph.

Please enjoy this wonderful episode, curated by Craft.

Tracklist :

Craft – Dark New World (intro) (Unreleased)
Luigi Tozzi – Mirage [Hypnus Records]
Andrea Cossu – Von Meer Getragen (Craft Remix) [No Way Records]
Feral – Négatif [Aube Rouge]
Mechanist & FEWJ – Fral [Circular Limited]]
Forest On Stasys – Alumen [012]
Laima Adelaide – 060 [Virecense Records]
Claudio PRC – Mystic Garden [012]
Michal Wolski – Meionia Calai (Luigi Tozzi Rephase)
[Monday Off]
Kontinum – Iglu (Craft Remix) [NFEREE]
ALPI & Essē – Thoughts Create Reality [The Gods Planet]
Atypikal – Siel [Koslif]
Viels – Pursuit Of Perversion [Edit Select]
Craft – New Identity [No Way Records]
CHPTR – Apodictic Certitude [Northallsen Records]
Bohdan – New_Realm [Cinus]
Craft – Lockdown Lounge (Original Mix) [NODE Recordings]
The Alchemical Theory – Ukiyo [Affin]
Inigo Kennedy – Eyes Closed In The Sun [Asymmetric Records
otodojo – Third Pill (Unreleased)
Artefakt – iridescence [Delsin Records]
Birds ov Paradise – Ola [Hypnus Records]
Craft – Rivers of Wind (Unreleased)

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