Expansive, yet precise – creative, yet convergent, Voiski augments his vision of techno’s many corners into a mixture of fluent grooves for MNMT 332.

From years of exploratory and dynamic output, Luc Kheradmand, aka Voiski, has constructed a distinct, boundless sound; setting a unique inspiration on the modern techno environment. Voiski’s heavy emphasis on building addictive grooves, along with a diverse interest in classic electro, dub, trance, and minimalistic composers of the 60’s, pushes him to – not blur, but – create his own lines between genre standards. At times, Voiski will include a mixture of nostalgic elements with forward-thinking grooves, or cosmic loops with beatless sound – whichever style, each project being approached from an analytical framework.

Voiski continues his framework in his DJ sets, including an array of his distinct styles to provoke unique grooves for MNMT 332. Through the hour, listeners jump through hard-hitting kicks alongside friendly trance-like melodies. Arpeggios, dub, mental pattern, complex percussion… the list goes on. Voiski sprinkles in enough to captivate.

With an extensive and growing catalogue , Voiski has exported his sound through his own labels, Silicate and Super 95, as well as notable labels Construct Re-Form, L.I.E.S., Delsin, Dekmantel and Field Records. Additionally, Voiski operates alongside like-minded artists under other monikers; Polar Inertia, Unforeseen Alliance (with Antigone, Birth Of Frequency and Zadig); Vrilski (with Vril), Hbtvsk, Tropical Agitation (with Svengalisghost) and Kartei (with Crysta Patterson).

Forthcoming in June, Voiski is set to release “The End of Fiction EP” for Delsin’s 150th release.

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