“The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenements halls and whispered in the sounds of silence.”

– Paul Simon

Artist: Ness

Album: Flesh of The Gods LP

Label: Navigare Audio

Release Date: Digital 03.05.22 / Vinyl  27.05.22

The village of the Gods emits a wondrous phantasmic glow, perceived differently by the eye of the beholder. A glow so wondrous, it’s profundity knows no bounds.

Ultimately, it is the idea of profundity that drives us, but where does the road start to acquire such sovereignty.
Just like the blood rites of Kings and Queens, is this something that can only be transferred by birth?

Conversations of this kind of caliber usual commence by the tongues of those who seek knowledge, but who better to compare the archetypes of Gods and Men, other than one of the forerunners within the Deep Techno/Hypnotic Music industry: Ness

Flesh of the Gods

Ness is not only known for his decade of influence within the music scene; but also for his hand in revolutionizing Hypnotic styles of music within the Techno genre. As a sound engineer, he has created specific tools that allowed his musical accent to be present within his original atmospheres and hypnotic rhythms.

The Flesh of the Gods LP is his most recent work, it showcases warmth and subtle sounds of ecstasy with a trance influence. The same influence that the underground Techno scene has been yearning for for quite some time.

The LP contains 8 tracks, each track speaks in visions, visions that appear celestial in nature. These visions have layers to them, warm layers that sing together with exquisite poise.

While experiencing the sonic beauty of this production as a whole, (besides being an absolute masterclass in the mixing department) the way each track complements each other can be interpreted as a lesson in patience.

What makes a technical recording “Hypnotic” is it’s natural exploit to take the listener to another world, a world flustered with natural elements and phenomenons.

Ness takes this definition and implements it within each track, while also finding subtle ways to bend the natural realities of each world created. Some may find themselves lost while scaling the walls of these alien landscapes manifested during the first half of the LP, but these subtle changes ultimately result in the listeners finding themselves during the second half.

This entire adventure reminds me of an old Buddhist saying:

Just as a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past over and over again.

Just like the four seasons gifted to us by Mother Nature herself, in order to grow and heal throughout life on this plane we must constantly accept change. We must constantly shed our skin, fore it is a symbol of out mortality.

Ness gifted this album to us during the season of rebirth to teach us how to nurture and protect our own inner strength. To attain the lushly golden flesh of the Gods, we must first be able to navigate through the plains of a mortal despair.

We are Human, yes..

But can we find contentment in the transformation to become Godlike Apostles?

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