Mental and unforgiving, Lakej drives MNMT 330 through intense patterns, warped textures, and loopy atmospheres.

From Stockholm, Sweden, Lakej (aka Filip Ström) developed an astute sense for the creative arts. With a strong foundation of visual and graphic design, his passions eventually transposed onto a growing fascination with electronic music. Stepping into the world of production was inevitable and intrinsic – along with an emphasis on hardware. As Lakej cooked up distinct and complex sounds, his production became gravitational – pulling listeners into the abstract design.

Since 2017 , Lakej has exported his sound through labels such as Grey Report, Semantica, and Edit Select. In each release, his sound can be characterized through his ability to invoke hypnotic states – possessing introspective, futuristic, and timeless elements. Each texture receives a personal touch, created to drive elaborate atmospheres and tactile sensation.

For MNMT 330, Lakej formulates his distinct style into a driving hour and a half. Listeners are catapulted through an intense journey of cerebral patterns and textures, with stimulating loops to ponder. As each track blurs the line of dancefloor energy and hypnotic meditation, the environment to experience becomes subjective to each listener, though universal.

Forthcoming in August, Lakej will release an EP on Psyks NoN series – which can be previewed in select tracks on MNMT 330. Additionally, Lakej is hosting private classes through Zoom , which are all done one on one and range from consultations in soundesign to mentoring aspiring artists on their creative journey.