Thought-provoking and stimulating, RENA stacks MNMT 329 with cerebral loops, hypnotizing drones, and lively percussion.

Separating herself as a DJ in an increasingly competitive industry, RENA leaped into notable territory through persistent work ethic and cerebral curations. From Greece, RENA’s journey started   locally – offering extensive experience to develop her technical and programming skills. Capitalizing on subgenres ranging from dub and deep techno, to driving and raw, RENA surfaces a variety of flavors within, oftentimes including arpeggio accents, emotion-invocation, and heavy atmospherics.

RENA carries her selective taste into MNMT 329, bringing listeners an array of hidden gems. With each track emphasizing an element of its own, some share driving “bleeps and bloops”, deep drones, and arpeggios to drive the hour forward.

RENA has been heard playing at acclaimed international venues alongside seasoned artists such as Oscar Mulero, Sebastian Mullaert, Dasha Rush, Len Faki, and Ben Sims. Currently, RENA is resident to the semi-weekly show on Cannibal Radio, “un\common route’.”

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