Distinct and eclectic, Eliott Litrowski accentuates thought-provoking elements of left field subgenres to create tactile dialogue. 

The latest Monument podcast comes from the mind of Eliott Litrowski, known for his eclectic productions on labels such as OOSSHA, Cracki Records, and Moustache Records. Blending nu-disco melodies, and electro-rhythms and synths, Eliott’s productions carry an infectious and distinct positivity – making it impossible not to dance along. 

Rooted deep from the Parisian scene of Batofar, Rex, and most importantly, Pulp,  Eliott Litrowski has experimented with diverse array of genre, including DnB and hardcore early on. Eventually, Eliott imprinted his own contemporary sound consisting of Italo-Disco romantics, kosmische-informed electro, breaksy progs, and EBM-tinged rhythmic outbursts. His demand has been exported live to internationally acclaimed venues such as Concrete, 75021, Panorama Bar, ://about blank, Rex Club, and Griessmuehle, among others.

In MNMT 328, these eclectic and left field sounds are at play on where Eliott shows the breadth of his tastes as well as his own productions, including a track from a collaboration with Voiski and a track from his last solo EP. Jumping between techno, IDM, disco, trance, and more, the mix ties it all together with an uplifting yet mellow atmosphere that brings to mind sunsets on the shore. One for the warmer months and longer days ahead.

Forthcoming, Eliott’s upcoming collaborative album with Voiski is slated for release after the summer, as well as their new live act debuting soon.

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