In sensual rhythm, Rambadu ignites deep connection through modulated sound, organic elements, and synthesized frequency.

A cerebral artist in the deep and ambient techno scene, Rambadu provides intimacy with his tribal-inspired elements. Adding essence in his productions, each sound strives to reinforce the intrinsic bond between ‘being’ and ‘nature.’ Often times utilizing organic themes of singing bowls, percussion, and acoustic instruments, Rambadu finds these tools as powerful healing mechanisms.

For MNMT 327, Rambadu translates his deeply woven philosophy into an hour and a half long journey for listeners to front. Mixing between deep patterns of warm, synthetic, and light-organic sounds, the duration bounces into intimate territory. Featuring otherworldly gems, many tracks quite frankly seem alien in respective rite.

In the past, Rambadu has been known by his successful releases such as Systema Naturae I on 012, IVE – NUEOIWO, AJNA on Hypnus Records, and A LUV SO AL &I HIMAL.Upcoming projects to look for include a future release with Hypnus and collaboration with Daniel[i].

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