Deep in the wonderful hills of Italy, arises some of the most cosmically climatic tribal rhythms heard by Techno lovers all around the world – And those rhythms belong to the very talented duo: Plants Army Revolver .

Marco & Valentin met in Rome in 2013, after an almost immediate connection, the two ended up meeting again in the studio for a jam session.

After some time of deep experimentation, Plants Army Revolver was born.

From then, after several years of recordings and live sessions throughout Italy and Europe; 

Plants Army Revolver’s sound quickly ignited, and is known to be a beacon for hypnotic and deeper styles of Techno. 

On the side of the productions, they have marked the scene with memorable releases, including , “Nyambi” and “Introspettiva” on Mental Modern, deep and tribal, “Yguana” on Avian, in the same vein, and more recently: they have added their subtle twist on the meditative bundle of remixes “WORSTLTD002”, on French label Worst Records.

 This recording curated by the two maestros for Monument dives deeply into a world unknown. The Percussive segments give the mix an organic element, and this is one of PAR’s specialties.

We are very pleased to welcome the wonderful work of Marco & Valentin aka. “Plants Army Revolver” .

Photo credit : Federica Tega

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