Robin Koek and Nick Lapien, better know as Artefakt, are launching a new collaborative series on their own imprint De Stijl. Each record being the fruit of spontaneous studio jams shared between the dutch artists and like-minded friends of them, starting with italian deep techno master Claudio PRC.

The first release, Collaborations I, establishes a solid foundation for the concept, bringing together both parts’ distinctive sound in a flawless way. It is clearly possible and fully enjoyable to identify Artefakt’s signature rhythmic and Claudio’s delicate ambient atmospheres & hypnotic electronics.

Opening up with two iconic yet unique atmospheric techno tracks (Gaia, A1. and Dwelling, A2.), the record then flips to deeper, slowed down pieces of electronic music. Sonic Rite, B1. takes the listener into a highly luminous, psychedelic trip, while Distant Light, B2. offers a beautiful, almost melancholic end to this trip and closing to the EP.

The artists were kind enough to share with us a live video take of Dwelling, allowing us to get a decent glimpse of their fertile studio improvisations in Berlin.

Collaboration I is out now at Bandcamp as well as at your local record dealer.