Culminating an extensive two hours of hypnotic pads, spacy atmospheres, and rhythmic adventure, Fernie digs up techno’s niche gems for deep listening and wonder.

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.” -Carl Sagan

Imaginative, yet perceptive, Glasgow-based artist Fernie emphasizes stylistic sound and forward-thinking mechanics.  With a current focus on deep & atmospheric techno, Fernie has spent years to develop a unique blend of design and extensive curation.

At times, his DJ sets power through with driving kicks, hypnotic loops, and soaring pads – alongside detours of atmospheric clouds and lively percussion.In 2020, Fernie conceived Space Textures, an imprint to relay productions following his ethos and concept. Consistent in every release, Space Textures imagines cerebral soundscapes and styles, featuring additional artists such as Mechanist, Petit Astronaute, Eamo, and SAAM.

Driving additional passions for the scene, Fernie is also a key figure in orchestrating Monument Podcasts & Streams & Premieres.

For MNMT 324, listeners will eject into hypnotic pads, spacy atmospheres, and rhythmic adventures by Fernie’s design. So drift off and be carried to worlds that never were – imagine the sounds carried through space as Fernie navigates!

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