For MNMT 323, Night Sea invokes waves of euphoria and sensation – creating dreamful territory of comforting atmospheres, textures, and methodical recurrence.

As comforting the dusk – luminous as the ocean, Night Sea imagines a paradise through auditory pulse. Emphasizing ambient, dub, and techno, the hour podcast culminates the duo’s inspiration to produce a scenic trip of their guidance.

Beginning with blanket ambience and textural accents, listeners are quickly immersed into lucid territory – featuring hypnotic vocalization and semi-synthetic blends of nature and electronic. Much like ocean currents drifting to lively waves, listeners are guided through a gateway into groovy movement, offering contrast to the methodical introduction. As the hour emulates a journey through a consoling night and playful ocean, Night Sea takes the listener to experience the best of both.

Based in Northern California, Night Sea has a knack for shaping and selecting deeper sound. The duo has exported their work by performing with MUTEK in 2018 and releasing “Still” in 2020, a full-length album on Silent Season. Currently, Night Sea is working on a second album for future release. Their podcast with MNMT highlights inspirations from labels such as Astral Industries, Sferic, and Midgar Records, and others in between.

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