“Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.”
― George Orwell

Artist: Orbe

Album: Verdrängung

Label: Axis Records

Release Date: February 4, 2022

The moments leading up to the emergence of a smoking gun is often riddled with expectations. If written on a piece of paper, these expectations contain patterns diagnosed by natural human behavior.

Our range of knowledge is quite often dictated by an individual pursuit..

Living in a world where computers and human-kind are essentially considered synonymous; all of the knowledge in the word is readily available at our fingertips. Cell phones and computers are now considered a part of us, they work like gears spinning constantly in the fleshy machine we have control over.

Orwell 1984

Existing on this level of brilliance has opened doors that lead to some of the answers to life’s greatest mysteries. Let’s look at some of the worldly changes we’ve experienced in the last few years:

We now have the ability to be connected to our loved ones at all times by use of various social applications.

We are now able to download data for medical and scientific research instantaneously.

We have the ability to create different forms of Artificial Intelligence that support human safety and general order with our societies.

Just a few years ago, this way of living was considered horrific – It was considered fairy tale – Magic even..

But along with the invention of magic came a price to pay – Let’s explore the details of this payment by studying Orbe’s newest album “Verdrängung“.

Fernando “Orbe” Sanz


Fernando “Orbe” Sanz is a storyteller hailing from the southern Spanish port city of Algeciras. Identifying himself as a creator from the early age of 14 years old, Sanz has cultivated his own thriving techno community as artist and label head for his own imprint “Orbe Records” by specializing in the creation and nurturing of emotional atmospheres and soundscapes.

The spotlighted recording/album he just released under Axis Records goes by “Verdrängung” which translates to the English word: “Displacement“. This album was directly inspired by the famous story written by George Orwell “1984” which focuses on the many calamities grown within a decadent world where all information is manipulated and the definition of freedom grows more and more skewed as the days go by.

Artwork by Wiktor Klimaszewski.


While listening to this album, you’ll automatically notice the genius behind the sound design as well as the musical direction each track explores. Every recording is a representation of a human emotion, human emotions that are congruent with what we’ve all experienced time a time again.

You’ll experience segments of anxiety or fits of anger within routines of “normalcy” – You’ll sense the presence of fear within hopeful climates..

The language of this music is written like we are discovering inconsistencies with normal humanistic patterns – Ironically, the story is being told by robotics and machinery. Machinery that strives to understand the complexities of the human mind.

There is a subtle point in organic evolution where the creator’s creations will start attempting to create it’s own creations, but what inspires this new generation of construction. In order to create, one must obtain knowledge, that knowledge then must evolve into an inspiration – but how can a man made form of intelligence accomplish this feat.

On a larger scale and from an evolutionary standpoint, our species is considered extremely young; There are many things that we do not yet understand. Over the years of our existence, we have lost skills, trades, and ideas – along with this, we also have moments in human history that were not documented or even discovered.

That being said, our evolution as well as the secrets of this world contains patterns that contain the archetypes of an intelligent life form. These patterns are vaguely understood by human minds, therefore we can make predictions, but we cannot identify the absolute facts held by future moments in time.

The information available to us is abundant, but the shackles of routine has kept us behind the looking glass as experiments.

Does this drive you mad?

If so, just know that it is completely okay to feel this way.

Unfortunately, nothing can be done.. Because the gun has already started to smoke..


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