In collaboration between Barcelona’s Mostra Festival and MNMT podcast , !nertia introduces the upcoming event appropriately – with an hour of his signature deep and cerebral sounds.

Forthcoming 11-17 April 2022, Mostra will host its first ever small-format festival alongside local artists and international names. The Barcelona-based promotion aims to contribute to its community using 3 axes – local, inclusive, and sustainable – representing a forward-thinking effort to progress the scene.

This year’s edition will host 2 non-simultaneous stages;

In the morning to afternoon – dedicated ambient music to drift through and gaze.

In the evening – rhythmic and danceable music, including downtempo and deep techno.

With more artists to be announced, the current line-up is already looking tasty!!

· !nertia
· Aleja Sanchez
· Alicia Carrera
· Claudio PCR
· Cobahn
· Estrato Aurora 
· Laura BCR
· Massa
· Nueen
· Patrick Russell
· Paula Koski
· Reggy Van Oers
· Ulla Strauss & Perila
· Vicki Siolos 
· Ylia
· Vand

Who better to kick off the event than !nertia?

The emerging artist, pumping out ambitious productions from 2018 is known for an array of projects. Often times including field recordings, hypnotic rhythms, and cerebral sound design, !nertia has developed a distinct sound in each production. In his live performances, !nertia can be described as immersive and otherworldly, showcasing organic and ethnic instruments in a multi-sensory environment.

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