When night collapses on day, two worlds collide in dusk – a frontier welcomes those who wander. Embark into otherworldly soundscapes and visuals through Lemna & Kaori Yasunaga’s immersive experience showcased live at MUTEK.JP in Dec 2021.

Known in Japan as “大禍時 (Ōmagatoki),” dusk is thought to bridge the intangible world with the physical one. Those who bare witness are transported to a mystical experience into the unknown. As part of MUTEK.JP’s virtual festival held on Dec 10, 2021, Lemna & Kaori Yasunaga showcased ‘Dusk,’ an immersive A/V project to experience unfamiliar sensation.

In poetic harmony, Lemna’s sound design and Kaori Yasunaga’s visual aesthetic merge the invisible with the visible. For the 45 minute duration, textures fill the atmosphere as hazy visions disorient, thereby orchestrating the transition into a separate world. Complimented by field recordings of forests and rivers near Lemna’s home, the organic sounds add to the immersion.MUTEK is an international festival and platform with the aim of developing digital creativity, electronic music, audio-visual art creativity, and promoting cultural and artistic activities. Between December 8-12, 2021, MUTEK hosted it’s 6th edition in Tokyo, where Lemna & Kaori Yasunaga were welcomed alongside other highly-acclaimed performers.

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Photo by Shigeo Gomi