On the mark of Winter’s solstice — and the blanket of comfort it brings – Ntogn returns to welcome the season with a language it understands for MNMT 316.

Forward-thinking and ever changing, Ntogn has established a unique concept of art in his domain, bridging cultural artifacts and music in elaborate storytelling. Through his projects and labels, most known from ‘Hypnus’ and ‘Aether Mechanics’, Ntogn guides listeners to otherworldly sounds. Oftentimes welcoming the mystical and provoking the cerebral, his latest Midwinter Mix 2021 is no different. 

As the solstice covers the North in extended darkness, Ntogn accompanies the dusk with an outfit of frequencies. Trading atmospheres with thumping patterns and converting organic pads into progressive synths, the mix speaks the language of transformation. Increasing energy only to slow down once more, the formulaic track selections match the rebirth and cycle of sun and moon.

Get cozy in your blankets and turn on a warm fire as Ntogn guides you into Winter’s wonderland!Looking forward to additional projects, Ntogn most recently released Slink Bundle in partnership with Ableton and collaboration with close producer Dorisburg. Additionally, Ntogn is pleased to look forward to the 100th full moon with Hypnus on January 18, 2022, in which some exciting announcements will be made.

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