Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.

Ernest Hemmingway

Artist: Zvrra

Album: Array of Light

Label: Whited Sepulchre

Release Date: November 19, 2021

Where is your sense of adventure?!

They say the answers to all of life’s greatest questions reside within ourselves, and the key to access these mental manuscripts is to travel.

It makes perfect sense no? Human beings were not meant to be creatures of such strict routine – Most of us end up falling asleep one evening and then staying drowsed for years on end.

But when your journey finally comes to an end and you’re alone to your own thoughts, would your soul be content with the knowledge you’ve gained?

Zvrra is a Multi-talented artist from the city of Chicago located here in the states. Even though she is considered a new face in our community, her artistry has engraved itself along many different genres.

Being a Video-game developer as well as a recording producer with a range that stems across countless genres of music, her creativity contains no bounds. She is the epitime of “Success“, and all of it is a result of the fact that she has been a creative for more than 18 years.

Array of Light

Her recent album “Array of Light” released by “Whited Sepulchre Records” can be considered a film; The pacing may remind you of the first time you traveled or moved to a place unknown..

Just Imagine: You’re about to take on a journey that will be remembered for the rest of your life – The ice in your shoes may start to build – A slight sense of Hodophobia will probably set in.. But we must not let the fear of the unknown boil us down to bits.

With this project, Zvrra subtly reminds us that being human means that we are beings of light.

Light vs. Darkness

Light from a stationary source of energy will travel at approximately 186,000 miles a second. This may seem like seem like an astronomical amount, but from a larger perspective, light from the Sun takes 8 and 1/3 minutes to reach us. From Mars, light takes 3.03 minutes to reach us. And from the Moon, light takes 1.3 seconds.

In astronomy, it is known that light is the reason why we are able to gaze upon the stars at night. As our solar system moves at 490,000 miles an hour, the light from other worlds illuminate other distant worlds allowing us to gain knowledge about the universe. The light illuminates the journey ahead, the journey into the unknown.

These wonderful arrays of light act as becons as we all travel together, but light can not exist without darkness..

As we travel and take on life’s excursion through time and space, the feeling of fear can and will almost always arise from the darkness. This fear must be acknowledged, digested, and dispelled in order to achieve the milestones you greatly desire.

Being the antithesis of light, the actual word darkness provokes a different definition to each and every one of us on a more personal level. But unlike Light – Darkness as the ability to define us.

At the same time, the darkness of the unknown can emit a sense of intense nostalgia; Transporting us back to a time when everything was easier.

We can talk about the discrepancies of Light and Darkness until the end of time, but it is absolute that Zvrra’s Array of Light album acts as a brace for taking on the journey into the unknown.

While diving into this project, reflect on your own personal life journey and analyze how far you’ve come:

Look at the accolades and mistakes – Look at everything you’ve learned thus far..

It’s quite beautiful really!

Breath easy, the journey is just getting started.


Purchase: https://zvrra.bandcamp.com/album/array-of-light

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