For its first chapter, Monument Records is inviting Atomic moog to take us around The Hesperian City.

With this EP, the French duo offers a polarized urban exploration that balances between cold, ethereal street vibes and hearty, powerful basement rhythms, with alternative paths provided by renowned figures Anthony Linell and Artefakt.

Hitting the pavement with a truly luminous and smooth deep-techno ride with ‘Chasing Blue’, the record then takes the listener high with Anthony Linell’s ambient chemistry and his extended ‘Alkaloid Mix’. On the flip side, we dive underground with ‘Static Flow’ to discover a solid, dancefloor-oriented techno hymn, before getting back to the light with Artefakt’s absolutely gorgeous ‘Electric Therapy Version’.

A1. Atomic moog – Chasing Blue [7:20]

A2. Atomic moog – Chasing Blue (Anthony Linell Alkaloid Mix) [11:56]

B1. Atomic moog – Static Flow (Rework) [7:20]

B2. Atomic moog – Static Flow (Artefakt Electric Therapy Version) [6:56]

The Hesperian City is set to be released on December 13th, 2021 at Bandcamp and all digital platforms, while vinyl records are expected to land on January 14th, 2022 at your local record dealer.

Pre-order are already available at Bandcamp:

The Hesperian City by Atomic moog