Composing cerebral textures and primal rhythm, Patrick Russell formulates a truly immersive hour for MNMT 311.

From the US, Patrick Russell has remained a staple in both emerging and established underground scenes of Detroit and New York.  With a reputation beginning in the 90s as a technical DJ and formulaic producer, his sound remains pristine and timeless in an ever changing circuit.  Described as a storyteller, he blurs the lines between “acid, pure jack energy, and hints of IDM,” creating an entirely unique concept of hypnotic elements. Over the years, Patrick Russell has exported this sound from the infamous “No Way Back” parties and eventually to international venues such as Berghain, Unsound, and Labyrinth Festival. His catalog extends past DJing as well, having released alongside Seth Troxler – and most recently, under The Bunker New York.

For MNMT 311, Patrick Russell introduces authentic energy in an immersive hour.  Jumping between tribal, polyrhythmic, atmospheric, and stimulating elements, the result is a playful story of evolving frequencies.  Merging both old and new sounds, Patrick Russell reflects on the result:

“The music in this podcast is very specific in style, to the point where I rarely sprinkle them into my sets because they don’t usually play well with more straight-ahead techno. As a result, I’ve held on to many of these tracks for many years because I always wanted to make a mix that solely showcased this rhythmic style, and I thought Monument was a special occasion to finally play these tracks in full and let them shine as one cohesive vision.”

Sink into the textured sounds and grasp the rhythmic handles for this one while Patrick Russell perfectly constructs a cerebral experience!

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