MNMT enthusiastically welcomes back Joachim Spieth for an hour of highly specialized sounds, showcasing deeply mind-altering tracks with technical prowess.

With an ever-growing catalog dating back to the late 1990s, Joachim Spieth remains a consistent and exceptionally respected artist, sharing roots (and creating them!) in many of techno’s contemporary sounds. Beginning with his first release under Kompakt, Joachim Spieth continued to release , with his productions supported by influential artists, such as John Peel, Sven Vath, and Juan Atkins, to name a few. Equipped with a keen taste for sound and setting sight on a personal vision, Joachim Spieth created Affin, an imprint focused on developing ‘distinctive and unmistakable musical signature.’

And so it goes…Affin has accomplished just that over the years. With avid curators first discovering the 2007 label, many casual listeners followed. By 2018, Affin was placed on Resident Advisor’s top 100. Staying true to both obscure and well-known artists in deep techno, in 2021, Affin continues to release underground sounds, with plans of dropping numerous EPs in the fall.

Having performed in 30+ countries as a DJ, Joachim Spieth’s sets are equally praised as his productions – MNMT 310 is no exception! Enclosed in the hour are unearthed sounds of hidden gems. Jumping to and from peak-time sounds, the set touches on seemingly kaleidoscopic elements. However described, one thing is sure – listeners will not be bored with this one. Enjoy!

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