With careful selection, Chryslsm pushes listeners to the dreamstate of atmospheric and deep techno in a lengthy 2-hour journey for MNMT 307.

Originally from Cape Town now based in Berlin, Chryslsm situates his work within the broader area of audio-visual curation, focusing on aesthetics that explore dreamy and introspective moods. Drawing upon a diverse set of creative interests, his contributions to the deep electronic music scene are scattered amongst album artworks, audio-reactive visuals, and extended ambient and deep techno sets. He is a co-founder of the label and podcast Intrinsic Audio and a contributing visual artist at MNMT. His latest collaboration features a 10-piece generative art series with IO Records, which will be released in August.

For MNMT 307, Chryslsm explores an array of curated productions with spectacular track selection. Drifting between deeper and weightless styles, the generous 2-hours reveals the best of both worlds, creating a perfect balance living in harmony. Uncovering obscure tracks to surface, listeners are in for a treat…or many of them !

Photo credit: Eline Stone



Instagram: www.instagram.com/chryslsm
SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/chryslsm
Intrinsic Audio: www.soundcloud.com/intrinsic-audio-sessions