Converging the best of both synthetic and organic elements within deeper levels of techno, Arkaean records an emerging hybrid live/DJ set as part of Lāsya Festival, organized by Klara in early June.

With borderless layers in sound, Arkaean seeks to redefine the relationship of both cosmic and grounded material in rhythmic design. Supported by Oslated, Insight Podcast, Cosmic Leaf, and many more, his sets and productions, most notably on Silent Season, cast light to the thin line between diverging sound, enabling the listener to immerse themselves deeper into unexpected noise.

During the hybrid live DJ set for Lāsya festival, Arkaean takes on his distinct style to surface atmospheric, downtempo, and groovy tracks. With great track selection to switch between conflicting styles, Arkaean find the best medium between ambient and sharp, electric and organic, and energetic and relaxing.

Sit back, put on some headphones, and lay into Arkaean’s custom world of frequency!

Credits to Dijana Dimitrievska for the graphic design or visual representation/coverage for the Lāsya Event.

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