For this new episode of tracklisting, we are happy to invite a music producer and DJ from Buenos Aires, Alderaan.

Alderaan began his career as producer by releasing music in the recognized dutch label Planet Rhythm. This gave him the support of great artists from all over the world, helping him to follow his career and releasing music in physical format this time, with the english label Weekend Circuit. His discography extends to labels such as Mindtrip Music, Warm Up Recordings, Insula Records, Pole Group, among others.
In 2019, he created Danza Nativa, a label of ambient and techno music, together with two colleagues from Buenos Aires (Forest On Stasys and Kyntral) with a defined sound and oriented towards deep techno

Today, Alderaan presents us his 10 current favorite tracks.

1. Psyk – Hiss [Non series]

2. Samuli Kemppi – Studio sessions 51 [Deep Space Helsinki]

3. Olorun – Instability of opacity (Estrato Aurora remix) [Danza Nativa]   

4. Iori – Under the water (Wata Igarashi remix) [Kynant records]

5. Shifted – Soft palate [Avian]

6. Dasha Rush – Dub’n for peace [Planet X records]

7. Blazej Malinowski – At the end (Oscar Mulero remix) [Inner Tension]

8. Regis – The blind departing [Downwards]

9. TM404 – Oxford [Kontra musik] 

10. VC-118 – Lost [Delsin]