Crossing Avenue orchestrates a unique hour of organic sounds, cerebral rhythm, and thought-provoking elements for MNMT 303.

Formulating the project in Bari circa 2012, the Italian duo created Crossing Avenue to explore experimental sounds of techno. With their past research and understanding of Apulian folk musical heritage, the influence can be heard in each production – inspiring natural rhythm and organic foundation in each. Upon forming, Crossing Avenue also created a non-profit collective known as Domus, active in organizing secret events along their passionate associates. Over the years, Domus gave way to artistic and personal connections with many exponents of the Roman electronic scene, in particular with Donato Dozzy and Neel.

With their unique productions, the duo has been featured under highly-acclaimed labels, most notably Spazio Disponibile and Outis Music. As each release is inspired under different pretense, such as Piromanzia EP – from Italian horror cinema pieces like Dario Argento’s Trilogy of the mothers, or Carmaleonte EP – that takes listeners through a whirling ride towards the Apulian pizzicato feeling through rotating triplets and the Santica instrument of the Taranta.

The duo has also been featured as live acts in some of experimental and deep techno’s biggest venues. With more to count, Crossing Avenue has been seen at Berlin Atonal 2017, Parallel Festival, Organik Festival, and hitting venues such as Berghain, Goa, Shelter, and Was along the way.

For MNMT 303, Crossing Avenue presents their twist on obscure techno through intense cerebral elements. Through the hour, the duo features both original and unreleased tracks from their studio as well as merging favorites from colleagues in the scene. Adding and subtracting atmosphere while fusing loopy percs of multiple instruments, the two create a journey with intense variation.

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