Packed with loopy arpeggios, revolving percs, and obscure sounds, Sanna Mun takes listeners on a mystic journey for MNMT 302.

Based in Berlin, Sanna Mun explores techno through interdisciplinary perception, often involving unconventional influences. As an archaeologist by trade with a passion for analyzing psychoacoustic properties of ancient sites, Sanna Mun explores the mystical nature of what lies beneath in her productions and DJ sets. Carrying the same drive in her local scene, Sanna Mun founded Katabasis to unearth like-minded talent.

For MNMT 302, Sanna Mun takes listeners through a spiritual journey in archaeo acoustic manner with modern technology of sound. Through repetition of loopy arpeggios and revolving percs, listeners are meant to be transported into a state of hypnosis, allowing them to live in the soundscapes of past. Hold on to each track and explore what each offers!

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