For MNMT 298, Asllan unveils warped sounds layered with primitive polyrhythms for a deeply immersive experience.

From South Korea, Asllan often produces with a distinct bend on deep techno, creating mystical atmospheres and forward-grooves. Inspired by the magical novel “The Chronicles of Narnia,” Asllan is drawn to the fictional realm for exploration of mind and sound. With releases such as “Liberty & Death” “Vagabond” and most recently “Cavalry”, Asllan’s unique twist has been heard through notable labels such as Oslated.

With his latest mix for Monument, Asllan blends a variety of primitive and fictional sounds with a tracklist consisting mostly of original works (and one unreleased track). Oftentimes jumping between methodical tracks and more faster grooves, creating an artificial world for the listener comes easy for Asllan.

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