With great pleasure, Monument welcomes Doctrina Natura to MNMT 296. Packed with a spectrum of sounds ranging from primal and organic to cerebral and energizing, Doctrina Natura provides a generous near-2-hour mix.

Since 2017, Doctrina Natura aims to deliver introspective works emphasizing on the shared link between nature and techno’s organic pulse. With his personal philosophy bleeding into each production, individually, they can be seen as complete art – meant to be listened as much as conceptualized a physical piece. Consisting of tribal and ethnic elements, Doctrina Natura creates a setting for the listener to escape to. 

Over the years, Doctrina Natura has grown to receive high acclaim from both avid curators and casual listeners alike. His work can be found on labels such as Secuencias Temporales, Circular Limited, Phonotropismi, Ordinamento Selettivo, and Alexandar.

For MNMT 296, Doctrina Natura blends his productions and others to create a captivating journey. With peaks of energy and moments of tranquility, each corner of the deep techno world can be found contained in the lengthy mix. 

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