With great anticipation, Monument welcomes Brando Lupi to MNMT 295 for a selection of groovy synths and electric soundscapes.

From Italy, Brando Lupi began exporting his flavour of curious and thought-provoking techno in the early 2000s to help pioneer a new sound. Alongside notable labels such as Zooloft, Dewtune, Dozzy, and his own imprint, Detune Records, Brando Lupi has received wide acclaim for a timeless discography. Bound by few rules, his tracks have jumped through various subgenres of underground electronic.

In his recent podcast for MNMT, Brando Lupi selects a catalog of groovy synths and electric soundscapes. Paired with flawless mixing, the detail compliments many sharp and aerodynamic frequencies to pinch the listener into tranquillity. For an immersive experience and consistent mix, Brando Lupi ensures to include more hidden gems than can be counted!

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