I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”
― Sarah Williams

Artist: Olorun

Album: WHS02

Label: Whispering Signals

Release Date: 4 April 2021

Take a second to imagine what your life would be like if you were to rid yourself from the shackles of a powerful regime.. Is it even possible to envision such a reality? A reality that almost clambers into the concept of abstraction? You see – the more we mold ourselves into the person we “think” we want to be, our own eternal light grows brighter to illuminate the broken path that leads to culmination. But.. Sometimes following a routine can force us to drain the essence of our human energy. This thought process is nothing but a mental exercise that eventually breaks down the walls of stagnation; it will allow you to inhale the hidden knowledge of the unknown, and exhale the energy that creates fear and self doubt. Olorun speaks about unlocking this power through his latest release on the Whispering Signals imprint.

Within WHS 02; a deep, dark, and inviting atmosphere reaches out it’s appendages and guides us through a palatial journey through the glorious nocturnal wilderness – exposing both the good and the bad sides of the coin. Olorun has a superb ability to capture the listener’s attention with the purpose of presenting a specific kind of mood by getting right to the point. No questions asked.. He possesses a style that resembles a well written novel, with well developed storylines and rules. It can be said that these rules have a tendency to be Orwellian in nature; following a dystopian undertone while wielding the power of Mother Nature’s evolving form during the late evenings within the early months of Spring.

This release contains four tracks that all give a subtle nod to what the sunset carries on it’s back during the dark of the night. And yet – It’s darkness is ever so inviting. As romantic as these words sound, it’s important to know that this work of Hypnotic art is not a serenade.. Serenades are directly related to love/romance. These recordings are in fact complete Hypnotical Nocturnes, which means they are works of art directly dedicated to the night.

As Chopin taught us through his “Nocturne op.9 No.2” piece back in 1831, he made it clear that even though the night has come and the view is dim, the beauty is utterly glorious beyond measure. Olorun has constructed this piece of music with the same mind-set – the lust for nocturnal bliss, a different way to examine reality. Of course, the way can only be completely exposed by ridding yourselves of life’s rusty shackles and allowing your light to expand in the nocturnal wasteland. Is it even possible to envision such a reality?

WHS 02

by Daniel[i] & Olorun