For MNMT 293, Su Nuraxi pioneers an enchanting voyage for an escape into hypnotizing patterns with dark atmospheres, polyrhythms, textures, and tribal accents.

In 2017, Belgian DJs David Geldhof and Franky Blondeel formed a duo with a shared vision – to invoke tranquility through mesmerizing patterns and deeper frequencies. Their careful curation of obscure tracks brings wonder and virtue to their sets, and oftentimes enchants the listener with their invitation. 

Utilizing darker atmospheres, polyrhythms, textures, and tribal accents, Su Nuraxi selects distinct sounds to construct a mystical journey with their latest mix for MNMT. Through technical mixing and a distinct taste for track selection, the mix seamlessly guides the listener into uncharted waters. Each personal affront will leave the passenger to their own introspection, but ultimately the duo directs primal interpretation to their mystic sound.

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