For MNMT 291, G艂贸s merges an assortment of sensual genres into a dominant techno-driven performance for a filmic experience.

With deep-seeded roots in band-focused Rock environments, G艂贸s brings his experimental twist on techno to his label, 鈥Non-Print.鈥 Through his innovative and modular design, he has found his sound through a hands-on approach, utilizing distorted guitars and keyboards while maintaining the industrial side of techno. In the past, G艂贸s has released under notable labels Ressort and Diffuse Reality 鈥 and most recently released an ambient EP entitled 鈥Swimming In Colours‘ ‘ under the label Affin.

On MNMT 291, the listener experiences a different side of techno journey 鈥 one that blurries the distinction between conventional 鈥渇our on the floor鈥 kick drums and piercing synths. G艂贸s creates a journey that jumps between flavors to create a seemingly filmic experience. Featuring聽 an array of vocals, ambience, drones, dance-floor vibrations, and more, the variation inspires experimentation and breathes artistry.

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Photo Credit : Christian Kopp